Kelly Andrews & Rachel Carlson, Paleovation paleo pals

At Paleovation we walk the walk - we don't just talk the talk.  The Paleo Lifestyle is how we choose to live ourselves.

  • We know it's healing
  • We've helped so many people achieve remarkable improvement
  • We know you will feel better by the end of your first month

If you're uneasy about investing your time or money in our class, rest assured we stand by our word.  If you sign up, attend all classes and are not convinced this is one of the best investments for your health, then we'll refund your money.  

We offer a money-back guarantee! Now what are you waiting for? Can't wait to see you in class!

Kelly Andrews & Rachel Carlson, Paleovation "V"
Eating Paleo is something to cheer about!
Paleovation spears
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Rachel Carlson & Kelly Andrews, Paleovation gun show
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