Kelly Andrews, d.c.

Kelly has been a staff chiropractor at Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, since 1992. She received her bachelors degree in biochemistry and nutrition from the University of Wisconsin in 1984 and her doctor of chiropractic degree from Palmer Chiropractic University in 1987.  She is a Certified Nutritional Counselor in the state of Wisconsin.

As a chiropractor, her entire life has been dedicated to the concept of nutrition, exercise and natural health. However, despite that knowledge base and what she thought was a 'healthy' diet, over the years she went through several health crises that forced her to delve further into the source of true health. It was on that journey that she evolved into an anti-inflammatory diet. Although following the paleo diet takes dedication and conscious effort, enjoying great health is worth it.

"Although I've gone through periodic strict nutritional detoxes, overall, my dietary changes have followed the 'baby steps' approach. It can be difficult to transition to the Paleo diet and lifestyle cold-turkey. My hope is that by sharing my education and experiences, the transition to a healthier diet will be easier for others."

Kelly is a self-proclaimed 'gym junkie' and also enjoys bicycling. In addition to exercise, music is her other major stress release - she plays the trombone and is a member of the UW alumni band (marching band fame, for those who are familiar!) and also with the local Edgewood College jazz band.