Kelly Andrews, d.c.

"I've gone through several strict nutritional detoxes over the years but overall, my dietary changes have followed the 'baby steps' approach. It can be difficult to transition to Paleo lifestyle cold-turkey. My hope is that sharing my education and experiences will make the transition easier for others."

Kelly has been a staff chiropractor at Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin since 1992. She received her bachelors degree in biochemistry and nutrition from the University of Wisconsin in 1984 and her doctor of chiropractic degree from Palmer Chiropractic University in 1987.  She is a Certified Nutritional Counselor in the state of Wisconsin.

As a chiropractor, her entire life has been dedicated to the concept of nutrition, exercise and natural health. However, despite that knowledge base and what she thought was a 'healthy' diet, she has gone through several health crises that forced her to delve further into the concept of true health. It was on that journey that she evolved into an anti-inflammatory diet.

Kelly's health challenges included about five years with debilitating environmental allergies and sinus infections which defied medical management, including allergy shots, sinus surgery, and taking a cocktail of medications (including steroids). Around that same time she also developed an optic neuropathy that 'fogged up' the vision in one eye and severe heart arrhythmia.

Gradual changes in her health management through diet and alternative healing techniques resolved all those issues completely! "A miracle" she was told by medical practitioners.

Then the hormonal changes of menopause put her health into a tailspin with rapid onset of severe insomnia - she literally couldn't fall asleep. "It was like I had 5 pots of coffee in my system all the time." Estrogen replacement and sedatives failed to solve the problem, only leaving her with an addiction to the sedatives. Something had to change FAST. Although her diet was 'pretty good' by most standards, she got more strict and adopted the paleo anti-inflammatory diet and had remarkable improvement of her symptoms.

Although following the paleo diet takes dedication and conscious effort, the quality of her health is worth it. Her desire is to share the lessons learned from her health challenges with others.