Class Options

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Option 1: Immerse in a Paleo Detox during the class.

This option will prompt your body to convert from burning sugar to burning fat for it's primary energy source, get your hormones under better control and encourage you to develop lifestyle habits for easier long-term implementation. After a month, if desired, gradual reintroduction of eliminated foods is initiated to determine personal sensitivities (or you can continue on the healthful strict Paleo protocol indefinitely). 

Option 2: Take the class simply to learn about Paleo.

Perhaps you’re not quite ready to jump in and commit to a strict detox but you want to learn more about the Paleo lifestyle. No worries! Take our class for informational purposes and transition in 'baby steps' over time. You can implement the detox at your own pace or join a future session at a reduced price if you desire the ongoing support! Read our Paleo Synopsis for more information to assist with your decision.


Class Details

What to Expect

The good news is that food is potent medicine on it's own.

Much of the disease-causing inflammation damage can be undone just by:

  1. Eating an abundance of healing nourishing foods that reduce inflammation and boost your body's natural detoxification capabilities.
  2. Removing the disease-causing inflammatory foods and...
  3. Drinking plenty of filtered water and getting adequate sleep and exercise.

By simply following these steps for a month, you can expect to experience a remarkable shift in energy, well-being and mood; immediate increase and stabilization of energy levels (no mid-day energy crashes), less hunger, improved immune function, reduction in the symptoms of allergies, arthritis and other inflammatory symptoms.

During our class, we identify generally which food groups promote health and which generate inflammatory compounds, but those generalities don't account for the fact that we’re all unique individuals. Healing is different for everyone, and different for you at different stages of your life. So how do you learn which foods trigger symptoms for you specifically? By removing all the major inflammatory food groups for a month, then adding them back into your diet one at a time.

Paleovation assists with that process. With this elimination-style approach, you will instantly feel which foods don’t work for you when they’re reintroduced. With that knowledge, you can coordinate a lifelong diet that maximizes your health and vitality.

Benefits of a One-Month Paleo Detox

In merely 3-4 weeks, your body will acknowledge if it likes being nourished the Paleo way. Benefits include reduced joint aches, higher energy, sound sleep, improved digestion, faster exercise recovery, lower body fat, better concentration, steady energy levels, less hunger, stable blood glucose or cholesterol, or all of the above. Oh yeah, losing weight is a wonderful side effect! It’s absolutely amazing what a few strict weeks eating Paleo can do to turn around decades of damage from an unhealthy ‘western diet’! By the end of a month, genuine health and vitality can be appreciated. (it may take longer for more complicated health conditions). 

Not ready to commit to a strict detox but still want to journey into the rejuvenating Paleo lifestyle? That's ok. Take our class for informational purposes. Read more about 'baby steps' to Paleo.

Our Goals

Due to the pervasive nature of processed foods in our modern diet, the transition to a healthier way of eating can be traumatic, both emotionally and physically. Our class is designed to assist with that transition.

  • As we lay the groundwork for your month-long journey to wellness, you'll learn about the science behind the paleo lifestyle and the reasons why it works. You'll learn which foods are vitalizing, those that cause symptoms, and what foods you crave (and why). Get a preview of our philosophy by reading our Paleo Synopsis.
  • Our intent is to teach you healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will sustain you for life by eating real food - food that can be grown, hunted or foraged without added chemicals.
  • Over the 28 days, we'll help you remove the most prominent disease-causing foods from your diet - the kind that creates toxicity - and give you the tools to make the transition away from those foods easier.
  • We'll teach everything you need to know about what to eat, where to get it, how to prepare it, and what to substitute.
  • We'll provide easy-to-use shopping guides, menu suggestions, snack ideas and recipes to help adapt the eating plan to your lifestyle.
  • Our class targets wellness as it's goal and weight loss as a happy side effect.
  • We'll offer support and accountability via social media (email, Facebook, Pinterest).
  • You may be trying some new foods and perhaps cooking more than you're used to - we'll give you suggestions to make cooking easier. We'll provide you with lists of prepared brands as alternatives. Check out our recommendations for books, cookbooks, grocery items and kitchen tools. For those interested, we'll also offer suggestions for nutritional supplements to assist with the detox process (not necessary but certainly assists your body during the transition). 

Let us help you discover what 'feeling good' means. Get that skip back in your step!