Kelly & Rachel

Kelly & Rachel

A chance meeting -- that was all it took for Kelly and Rachel to discover that, not only were they both passionate about nutrition, diet and maximizing health naturally, but also about sharing their success by supporting others in their pursuit of optimal health.  Paleovation's guided detox diet is their way to accomplish that goal by sharing their research, short cuts, mistakes and support in the transition to anti-inflammatory eating.

The term, "Paleovation," was coined after considering many names. It represents the merger of the paleo anti-inflammatory diet and the ovation one deserves after releasing old dietary habits and adopting healthful, revitalizing food choices. Kelly's background in healthcare and nutrition combined with Rachel's degree and experience in education is the perfect combination to satisfy their goals of educating the public about the benefits of adopting a healthy diet.

Though both women have incorporated the same anti-inflammatory diet, they have different approaches and opinions about how to manifest it in their personal lives. Rachel loves to cook and often makes double and triple batches of recipes in order to have lots of leftovers on hand.  Kelly is more of the grab-and-go type and has found short cuts and packaged products that fit the paleo framework but with less time commitment in the kitchen. Rachel prefers yoga, Kelly prefers lifting weights. These differences maximize their ability to customize the paleo lifestyle to accommodate many individual variations. 

Paleovation respects that each individual is unique…in their genetics, health conditions, food preferences, food tolerances, levels of activity, etc. and we'll make every effort to assist the class attendees in customizing this healthful diet to a long term lifestyle.

The paleo lifestyle incorporates an anti-inflammatory diet with natural movement. Kelly and Rachel provide the motivation and innovation to encourage dietary transformation. So take a bow - It's only appropriate that participants receive a standing 'ovation' for their efforts to restore health naturally!