Visit our Amazon Store where we've placed specific items we have used, read, or referenced in our class - categories listed below. This is provided both as a courtesy and a resource since some of our preferred items are hard to find in retail outlets. We add more on a regular basis so check back frequently.

The items on this page are just a sampling of our collection which includes items from the following categories: Books, Cookbooks, Kitchen utensils, Grocery Items, Personal Care Products; Hard-to-Find Products. To see our entire collection visit our Amazon Store  


By Melissa Hartwig, Dallas Hartwig
By Loren Cordain
By Sarah Ballantyne
By Stephen D. Phinney, Jeff S. Volek
By Robb Wolf
By Chris Kresser
By Diane Sanfilippo
By David Perlmutter
By Mark Sisson
By William Davis
By Terry Wahls M.D., Eve Adamson
By Gary Taubes


By Danielle Walker
By Sarah Fragoso
By Tammy Credicott
By Melissa Joulwan
By Michelle Tam, Henry Fong
By Mickey Trescott

Grocery Items

No sugar -  pure peppermint oil. (We love these but not the shipping price on Amazon. Check local stores for a better deal.)

A sandwich wrap made of coconut.

Macadamia nut butter - hard to find in stores.

Great tasting beef jerky

A cracker alternative

The best tasting macadamias!

Soy sauce alternative

Kitchen Utensils

A 1/2 cup scoop perfect for consistent sized hamburgers, salmon patties, pumpkin pancakes, or simply serving

Hamburger press - a must-have for homemade burgers!

Jerky Gun - easily make fresh healthy jerky at home (beef, turkey, even salmon!)

Mandolin Slicer - Adjustable width. Quick and even slices of vegetables or fruit

Spiral Slicer - Great for making zucchini noodles! There are more expensive gadgets that do this but this is the most popular affordable version on Amazon.

A Multi-task Y peeler - traditional style peeler plus julienne peeler all in 1. Ergonomically easier on the wrist

Automatic Pepper Mill - A hit in our kitchen! Eliminates the need for 2 hands on a manual grinder (i.e. when stirring with 1 hand).

Hand Blender - conveniently make cream soups, smoothies right in the pot or glass.

Skin Care / Personal Care