Rachel Carlson at Paleovation

"It's so easy to think that the buildup of inflammation is just the natural effect of aging - I had no idea that I could feel this vibrant and healthy!"

For over a decade Rachel believed her heart-healthy, whole grain, plant-based diet was her body’s best fuel. However, as symptoms of chronic aging surfaced (aches, joint stiffness, brain fog, interrupted sleep, an injury from a fall that refused to get better) she began researching inflammatory foods. Though it contradicted her core beliefs, she decided to change her eating habits and reintroduce select animal products for just one month.

Within two weeks she experienced drastic relief from her symptoms plus the unintended bonuses of less hunger, no afternoon slump and effortlessly losing over 10 pounds. Needless to say, she was hooked! 

Rachel still cringes when she calls herself a former vegetarian (she always thought they weren’t dedicated enough). However, she’s found her peace with incorporating animal proteins into her diet. Even though she now eats meats, her meals are still based on the colorful vegetable dishes her family loves.

"I eat more vegetables now than when I was a vegetarian."

Since her first venture into the Paleo Lifestyle in 2012, she has maintained a smaller and stronger physique. Yoga is Rachel's playground and she hasn't met a yoga class she didn't like. She currently teaches yoga in the vinyasa style.

Rachel has worked in both the public and private sectors in a wide range of positions, many times falling back on her teaching skills. Her degree in mathematics and secondary education helps her take a complex topic and break it down into logical, understandable pieces. This, plus a passion for sharing renewed health, is the perfect combination to help others transition to a healthier lifestyle! 

Rachel currently lives on Hilton Head Island, SC, with her husband and three children. 

Rachel practices yoga in the Ashtanga. vinyasa and Bikram styles.

Rachel practices yoga in the Ashtanga. vinyasa and Bikram styles.