Rachel Carlson at Paleovation

“Honestly, I don’t even care about the weight loss.  I feel so good now that it just doesn’t make any difference to me what I weigh." 

"It's so easy to think that the buildup of inflammation is just the natural effect of aging - I had no idea that I could feel this vibrant and healthy!"

For over a decade Rachel believed her heart-healthy, whole grain, plant-based diet was her body’s best fuel. However, after researching inflammatory foods, she decided to change her eating habits for just one month. Within two weeks she experienced relief from aches and pains, poor sleep, brain fog, hunger levels, and that predictable afternoon slump…not to mention she effortlessly lost over 10 pounds during her first 30 days.  

When it came time to reintroduce the eliminated foods one-by-one, Rachel immediately recognized which foods were harming her body and making her sick. It was a no-brainer to keep her trigger foods out of her diet and replace them with nutrient-dense alternatives. Rachel still cringes when she calls herself a former vegetarian (she never liked them because they weren’t dedicated enough). However, she’s found her peace with using animal proteins in her diet and has learned to prepare whole chickens, roasts, and meatloaves in addition to the vegetable dishes that her family loves. Since her first venture into an anti-inflammatory detox, she has lost and kept off more than 30 pounds. 

"I eat more vegetables now than when I was a vegetarian."

Rachel has a degree in education and a passion for healthy cooking, a perfect combination for sharing her knowledge and experiences with others in the transition to a healthier Paleo way of eating! She also has 3 young children who are Paleo-compliant; she's happy to assist with transitory and long-term strategies for kids.

Rachel practices yoga in both the Ashtanga and Bikram styles.

Rachel practices yoga in both the Ashtanga and Bikram styles.