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Speaking Engagements

  • Hire Paleovation to speak
    • Short 2-4 hour Session: Select Topic Combinations
      • Introduction to the Paleo Lifestyle:  Why Ancestral Habits in Diet, Movement, Sleep and Stress Elicit Optimal Health
      • The Insulin Circuit:  Examine the Sugar Merry-Go-Round and the Key to Breaking out of the Cycle
      • Healthy Fats:  Essential Fatty Acids and How to Incorporate them  into Your Diet
      • Cortisol-Effect:  Determine how Poor Habits of Diet, Stress, Sleep and Cardio-Training Elevate Cortisol and Deplete Optimal Health
      • Paleo Staples:  An Exploratory Class of Fundamental Paleo Recipes Including Meals, Snacks and Hard-to-Find Items
    • Full 8 hour Day:  Paleo Lifestyle Overview and Implementation
      • Examining the Standard American Diet:  Problems with Grains, Sugars, Legumes, Dairy, and Conventional Fats
      • Benefits of the Paleo Diet:  Breaking the Insulin Cycle, Stopping the Cortisol Effect, Consuming Nutrient-Dense Foods and Supporting the Body’s Systems
      • Implementation of the Paleo Lifestyle:  Tips/Tricks for Beginners, Sample Meal Plans and Recipes, and Long-Term Strategies to Stay on Track

Subject to availability. Contact us for further details.

Private Consultations

Paleo Diet or Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

- Individual & small group

- Private Group Presentations & Discussions (contact us for pricing)

Subject to availability. Contact us for further details.


Hire Us to Teach Our Paleovation Class at Your Facility, Site or Home

  • Full 5-week Course Scheduled at Your Site for 'larger' group
    • Five, 2 hour Classes 
    • Five Weeks of Online Support
    • All Necessary Checklists, Handouts & Implementation Strategies and Basic Biology Education to Establish a Long-Term Paleo Lifestyle
  • Private, individual 5-Week Course – Meeting weekly on your schedule

Subject to availability. Contact us for further details including syllabus and pricing.


Watch for our book to be published in 2016!