I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve given me in this short time. You have changed my entire world and I believe you have helped save my life!
— Laura - Middleton, WI (diagnosed with Crohn's disease)
I feel like I have gotten more support from you in the last 5 weeks than I have ever gotten from a medical doctor. I think I’m so excited about Paleo that I want to shout it out to everyone! Thanks again for everything. You two are awesome! We are loving this new lifestyle!!!
— Terry - McFarland
I expected to feel better, but felt my arthritic knee pain virtually disappear by week 3! Fantastic and totally unexpected!
— K. H. - Fitchburg, WI
The changes I’ve seen with the Paleo diet: no problems with my sciatica, memory is better, not hungry between meals or at bedtime, eyelids not as dark, feet and hands not as cold.
— M. S. - DeForest, WI
I loved the class and everything I learned. I love your passion to spread the word!! It’s the first time in my life that my days are not controlled by food cravings. In 4 months my cholesterol went from 226 to 193 and my triglycerides are the lowest they have been in years, 43. I lost 15 lbs in the class and 30 lbs total since giving up bread and processed food. Yes, I feel pretty good.
— D. R. - Monona, WI
You two have changed my life for good - and my husband’s. Can’t wait to tell you the many ways eating correctly has done it! Arthritis was my big focus - Wow! Getting the old energy back - Wow! Loss of Weight and swollenness - another Wow!
— M. L. - Middleton, WI
I’m thankful that I attended the Paleo Detox Class. It helped calm my sugar cravings and didn’t need to take sleep aids. I lost 10 pounds. Thank you Rachel and Kelly for your help and information.
— E. H. - Madison, WI
Thank you so much, Kelly and Rachel, for sharing all of your insight, experience and passion for paleo living! I’m so happy I was able to participate!
— K. S. - Madison, WI
I am a believer now... Day 20... last 2 days amazing! Tons of energy from the moment I wake to when I lie my head down to sleep at night. No longer do I feel as though I need my afternoon catnap! The scale has me smiling, but more importantly (those who do yoga will understand), I did Eagle Pose with my arms wrapped, thumbs in front of nose, for the first time in 3 years! My shoulders are free of pain and have more mobility! YIPPPPPEEEEEEE! THANK you paleo and thank you Kelly and Rachel.
— A. R. - Middleton, WI
I’m so pleased with the changes in my body since eating paleo. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds! The good news / bad news is that none of my clothes fit - had to buy new ones! I’m trying to encourage others to try this healthy, easy way to improve your life. I’m not STRICT but I know where to cut corners when I’m travelling... halve the bun and discard whatever I can and still manage to hold a sandwich! Beer and wine as desired but always thinking about the effects!! Thanks for everything!!
— Kaye G. - New Glarus, WI